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Comfort is a word spun from the past. It is from a time when things were just made properly. Not things like the internet, segways or selfies, but important things like a comfortable pair of boxer shorts and regal pyjama wear.

At Woodstock Laundry we still make things the only way that we know works: by hand and on the loom. You see, everything we do is created from scratch by Capetonian hands out of the purest natural fibres and nothing else.

Our roots in Woodstock – Cape Town’s traditional fabric district - can be traced back to 1979 and as a family business we still use generational skills to hand design and create our garments. This longevity has taught us that everything should be made to last, you could literally spend a lifetime in our sleepwear, although that would be a little odd and show a slight lack of ambition, so rather just wear them when you can truly and properly switch off, zone out and relax, rest assured they’re made to last you a lifetime.