Close-up of factory table - Woodstock Laundry

From Carnaby Street to Cape Town

40+ years young
A wave of the hand from Woodstock Laundry.  We are a relatively young clothing brand – one that happens to have an over 40-year heritage. Founded in in 1979, in the precinct of Cape Town that shares its name with that sleepy town in upstate New York, we are a second-generation family clothing business.

Back to the future
In 2016, we took a good hard look at ourselves and it wasn’t pretty. What had been a thriving fashion operation had been reduced to a CMT shop in a dying industry. Our inspired plan for the future was to go back to our roots: to be the maker and master of our own brand. It was the best decision we ever made.

Created from the heart. Made by the hands
The advent of ‘slow’ fashion wasn’t new to us. It’s been our ethos right from the start. Our garments are on trend because they are rooted on old world values. We draw and cut a pattern the good old hand-crafted way – with a pencil and a sharp knife.  Time has taught us making special handcrafted garments in limited numbers takes exactly that. Time.

A home away from home
The design, the pattern, the cutting, the sewing, the finishing, the quality checking   - everything is done in our happy workspace by a small team of highly skilled artisans, many of whom have been part of our family for over two decades.

See it. Touch it. Feel it on your skin.
While our range is diverse you will always find the same things in every garment that catches your eye.  Quality 100% natural fibre. Textiles are sourced from eco-aware partners. The fabric is light but substantial. Warm but breathable. Cool but timeless.  

Treading lightly
We gladly suffer from OCD when it comes to reducing our impact on the environment. Wherever possible, we avoid waste and repurpose things. Most of our well-oiled machines are as old as the business. Wherever possible we use locally sourced suppliers. All our packaging is made from recycled paper and we ask you to do it one more time…

Thanks for visiting
Please take a leisurely stroll through down the aisles of our e-store. We hope that you will find something that talks to you and says simply ‘this was made by us, just for you’.