About Us

We want to make “slow clothes” not only because they’re made properly and carefully by hand but also because that’s the pace you’ll want to be at when you’re wearing our garments. Embodying the laid back spirit of Cape Town and the old school factory culture of London town, we've been handcrafting stylish clothing since 1979. This is a time to support local industry, local artisans and to protect the legacy of clothing manufacture in Cape Town.

The Garments

Our garments are light yet substantial, warm but breathable, cool but timeless.

They’re artisanally hand-crafted with the environment in mind and each bespoke item is designed in house to be as comfortable as humanly possible. Woodstock Laundry’s sleepwear is not only for sleeping in but living in, and even as our fabrics adorn your body they will work their way into your heart becoming a comforting lifelong friend. These are clothes you hang out in, and with. We’re not fond of labels so ours are made to fray and fade or are easily removed because the feel of the clothing says more than any name tag ever will. We will never compromise on comfort because when you relax properly, you want to do it in something that was made properly.

Watch our video below for sneak peek into a day at the Woodstock Laundry factory.